April 14

Percival Holt, President of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM), speaks to MAGNET about his experience of the Synod of Youth held in Rome last year, as well as the preparatory work done before that. Percival holds a Master’s in Biotechnology. He was interviewed by Sr Celine Vas BS, our associate editor.

MAGNET: You attended Pre-Synod Meeting at Rome in March 2018. How was your experience?

Percival Holt: It was my first encounter with so many bishops, priests and youth representatives. The best thing about this synod is we had three hundred youth representatives from all over the world.
At the outset Pope asked the bishops and young people to shed our prejudices about each other. He thanked the youth for answering the questionnaire (sent to 150, 000 youth all over the world). He thanked us for our honest feedback.

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