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Here are some more replies from SSLC students to our questions:
How do you relate to God? What do you do when you pray?

God blesses and provides

“I pray that this year I will work hard and that God must bless me with retentive memory so that I will come out in flying colours, and make my parents proud. I do not forget to pray to God to provide my parents and grandparents with good health. …I pray a lot to God to fulfil my wish but I have not received any of them. I hope my prayers are heard by God..” (Rochelle Lucia Rijo)

Prayer is: Let it be…       

Relationship with God is precious. I just pray that whatever happens in life with me or with others let it be for a good purpose.

(Sherone D’Souza)

Sharing my fears and problems      

I share all my problems and fears with God which I am not able to overcome. When I pray in the morning I first say my shlokas and then pray for my friends, relatives and for myself. (Tanisha)

 I ask forgiveness from God

I ask God forgiveness for all the sins I’ve committed and to forgive my family. I ask him to protect, guide and have mercy on us. I ask him to protect us all from every harm and danger and protect us from the punishment of hell. I ask him to unite us all in heaven. I like to have a conversation or spend some time with God. I get peace of mind and confidence whenever I begin a day by praying to God. God always protects me from all evil things.

(Afreen Rihana)

 I pray to overcome difficulties

I pray to God to help me with my studies and help all my friends. I pray to help me in my future so that I can overcome all difficulties.

(Enrica Morais)

When I pray, I think about all the difficulties my family faced and ask God to make me as well as my family members stronger to face those hardships. Then I pray to God to give me a retentive memory so that I can study harder. At last I pray for all the people who are suffering from any injury.God never takes credit or shows himself after doing a deed. He helps all the people without any discrimination or partiality.

(Artha Chowta)

I pray for the good health of my family, friends and everyone who are suffering. I pray for the good results of our school.                                                                              

(Dhanya Shetty)                     

I ask God to help me with my studies and to give me a retentive memory.

(Keagan Menezes)

Pray for my friends, family and myself

I pray to God that He may bless me with good retentive memory as I am in the X Standard and to give me strength to face all the difficulties in my future. I pray for all the friends who have been my best support in my life that they be blessed with good health. I also pray for my class teachers who helped me in my studies, who encouraged me in every activity.

(Nivedhi G Shetty)

There is a reason

Well God is great, we all can say that but according to me God is a kind of spiritual energy which was neither created nor can be destroyed. Some of us may think whether God really exists. We wonder whether he helps us. It is actually faith. Whatever He does to all of us is for a reason.

(Sherone D’Souza)

I am a person with faith in God. What I like about God is that, he has given me a beautiful family and life. Most of the time He has given me what I have asked for. He is very loving.

(Akshatha Hegde)

God keeps me safe and protects from all dangers. He gives us good memory power to study. He makes our wishes come true. I pray to god much and I believe in Him a lot. I thank God for giving me such wonderful parents.

(Nivedhi G Shetty)

Why poverty?

Whenever there is quarrel in my house or sickness in my house, I always pray but God does not do anything. If there was God there would be no poverty anywhere for this reason I do not like God.

(Ambika S B)

(Thanks to Sr Philomen, Principal, St Theresa School, Bendur, Mangalore for collecting the responses of students to this page.) Editor

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