April 6

Touching experiences of personal transformation abound in retreats. What are your own experiences of deep personal change? How can we make a good retreat?

“Going for a retreat meant taking time in the middle of a very hectic life as wife, mother and lecturer. I asked God for two things: That I may meet a good priest for confession, and get a  good counsellor. Both my prayers were answered.

“I was assigned for counselling to a laywoman of my age (mid-forties). Her very first words shook me. After praying for me, she said: “Jesus says: ‘In the recent weeks, I have not been seeing you for daily Mass, as I used to earlier.” I was shocked. Being extra busy, I had not been going to church on week days. How did this counsellor read my soul? She is telling me that Jesus missed me!” (Rekha, 47 years)

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Fr Joe Mannath SDB

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