Mar 02
Causes and Remedies

The article on Burnout in the last issue of MAGNET (February 2019) described what Burnout is, the major themes in, manifestations of, and some of the factors that lead to Burnout. In this article, I shall describe its causes a little more in detail, and suggest preventive and remedial measures.


It is to be noted here that Burnout is a phenomenon that is associated more with one’s work situation rather than personal issues. More especially, it is related to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job which leads to a feeling of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment, resulting in detachment from the work and the work environment.

The interpersonal stress at the workplace is compounded by unrealistically high job expectations. When one notices that effectiveness at work is diminishing, the desire for accomplishment keeps one trying harder and harder with single-minded intensity until one gets exhausted with the effort—and crashes.

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Fr Jose Parappully SDB

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