MAR 05

Budget for Charitable Trusts

The moment we hear the word “budget,” we may experience an unpleasant feeling! Reason: We tend to see it as an external control, a force limiting our freedom to spend on the things we want
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Mar 03
For Couples


Crystal and Kevin share their memories of how palliative care made a huge difference to two persons they loved dearly: Crystal’s aged mother after her stroke and a close friend struck by advanced breast cancer.
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Mar 12
Tips For Superiors


Nowadays we find “Mission Statements” everywhere—on the walls of schools and universities, in hotel rooms, in hospital brochures. The reason is rather simple: A group works with greater enthusiasm and unity if all are clear
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Mar 09
We Women Will

A True Mother, a True Sister

What could be the best compliment paid to a woman religious? Prayerful? Obedient? Hard-working? These qualities are certainly important. However, one of the best tributes I’ve ever heard about a Sister was: “She was a
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Mar 02
Psychology & Life


Causes and Remedies The article on Burnout in the last issue of MAGNET (February 2019) described what Burnout is, the major themes in, manifestations of, and some of the factors that lead to Burnout. In
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Mar 04
Candles In The Dark

147 Homes of Love!

Here is the challenging story of a man who left his privileged background and a career, opened his home to mentally challenged people, and set up 147 healing homes of love in thirty-seven countries, including
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Mar 10
Special Days

Special Days

20 March 2019: International Day of Happiness A meaningful special day founded by a homeless orphan who became a philanthropist. It was founded in 2011 by Jayme Illien, philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations
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Mar 14
Movie Review

Movie Review

Wit Director: Mike Nicholls.  Actors: Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald. John Woodward Christopher Lloyd. 2001. Running time: 105 minutes. Brilliant middle-aged professor Vivian Bearing, a teacher of formidable reputation, specialist in the poetry of the 17th
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