A few months ago, Vidyajyothi College, Delhi, asked me to address the Jesuit theology students on the use of the Internet and Social Media. After mentioning the fact that the world’s wealthiest corporations today deal in knowledge, or knowledge-related products (Alphabet or Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon), I shared with them my conviction that, while technology is easily available and is cheap or even free, and makes gigantic strides, our challenge is not to be afraid or defensive, but to create positive content. We need to learn to crowd out evil by making the good attractive. The means at our disposal today are powerful and easily accessible. How creative are we?

This month’s cover stories are about one pervasive aspect of the Information revolution: Social Media.

A wake-up call comes to all of us from a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl called Greta, who challenged a world body discussing climate change. In strong and direct language, she asked the group to assure today’s children a healthy world to survive in. Meet Greta here. Do we have this teenager’s awareness and concern for our planet?

Technology is a tool. It does not make us good or bad. What makes us who we are and what energizes us to transform the world is our inner experience. Mysticism is a “passive” (received) experience, but mystics are among the most active life-changers. The world needs more than clever theories and shrewdly couched political ideologies.  People look for credible witnesses whose lives have been transformed and lit up. To change the world for the better, we need persons whose inner core has been touched and transformed by the Divine. Check out the true stories about this in another article.

I want to thank Sr Ranjana UMI, who was a member of our editorial board until last month, and who has asked to be relieved of this responsibility. Thank you, Ranjana! All the best in your current ministry!

In her place, we welcome Sr Esme da Cunha FDCC, who is known to our readers through her column, “Special Days.” Sr Esme was a member of their General Council, and is now superior of her community and in charge of much editing work. Welcome, Esme! Thank you for sharing your rich experience and your notable writing skills with us.


Thanks to those of you who write and tell us what you think of this magazine. I am honoured to report that we hardly get any negative feedback. Most comments are heart-warming and so very positive. Many read it from cover to cover and miss it if it arrives late. Thank you for your full-blooded support!

I am committed to keeping MAGNET as good as the best magazines of its kind anywhere in the world. May I ask you to make it known, especially about religious, clergy and educated lay persons.

Fr Joe Mannath SDB

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